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We had a pleasant trip to Texas to visit [profile] vanaabegra's family. Vanaabegra was able to pay for the flight, the hotel and the car rental on points because he has to travel so much for work.

Texas rental

This is the car he got, even though there's nothing wrong with his penis. It was really nifty to have for a weekend, and to be able to ride around with the top down in November, but it's not a comfortable enough car for every day. It was easy to look for a bright orange convertible in a sea of black or white trucks and SUVs, that part was cool too.

V's sister and her husband made a great traditional Thanksgiving meal in her new home. Their parents were happy to not have to prepare the meal.

On Black Friday, we went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, named after *that* Perot. It's interesting to see how different Science Museums appeal to their local audience. This one tried super-extra-hard to explain basic concepts of evolution. "Here are similarities between animal cells and plant cells! See? This is how we define what a 'cell' is. Have you ever noticed that animal bones are similar in shape and layout across many different species? Can you see how species that are more closely related by evolution have more noticeable similarities?"

At Perot museum

Despite valiant efforts, the museum included a group of three teens doing a "school" project. The quote marks around "school" are not superfluous. Their objective was to prove why evolution is a false theory by answering five essay questions on a single piece of paper.

This next photo is an example that the children found to prove that paleontologists don't really know anything about dinosaurs. See, they didn't have all the bones from this one, so they just made the rest up.

Totes fake!

I tried so hard to get away from these kids. "Well, I'll just go over to this next thing... Wait... now THAT'S the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard in a science museum, and the second dumbest was only a minute ago. OH SWEET MERCY, THEY'RE FOLLOWING ME." Little shits.

The museum also had a special exhibit on Birds of Paradise, which included a display of Birds of Paradise in marketing. It was quieter in the special exhibit, which was very nice.


OMG WTF BBQ coffee.

The coffee bag says "I'll pluck your cherry if you'll grind my bean." Since the plumage of Birds of Paradise is for sexual appeal, it is apropos. I looked on Etsy for a purse made from this coffee bag, it is not available. So sad for me.

On Saturday, we flew back. Before the airport, we took a nice walk in this park.

Trail park.

Unsurprisingly, Cactus exists in Texas


The furnace was not working when we got home. Kali was grumpy until the heating pad was turned on, and then things were better after about an hour, but fuck you anyway. She is the sweetest little "fuck you," and I was happy to see her and Dusty, even though Dusty had no swears for me.

Centerpoint Service Plus came out and saved the day, and even brought the right part with them. It's time to replace the furnace, but that will be a project for another time. It's working again for now.


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