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There's nothing about Worldcon in these photos, other than that it was part of the trip. This is a post of pictures from the Kansas City sculpture garden. I was really impressed at the museum overall, and was a bit amazed that Kansas City had such a treasure.

At one time, the sculpture garden was called "The Henry Moore Sculpture Garden." It's called the "Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park" now. Henry Moore was a sculptor. Donald J. Hall is the Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder at Hallmark Cards.

In case anyone was wondering, I do not like that rich people think it is their right to graffiti their names on publicly owned things. Doing it with a bronze plaque is much more offensive than with spraypaint, the bronze plaque is harder to remove in a practical sense.

Here are some pictures from the sculpture garden and museum. Pictures that are not mine include a link.

Here is an overhead of the Glass Labyrinth by Robert Morris, with link.

Here's a photo of the entrance, and a photo of the explanation.

"As you move through this potentially disorienting environment, we invite you to consider: Is your experience a metaphor for negotiating the uncertainties of our time?"

I went in, but my metaphor ended quickly. I did not like the disorienting part and wanted to get out before I got to the middle, so I did. "Yep. Disorienting. Time is uncertain and time is to go."

Here's Ken next to "The Screaming Tree."

The piece is really called "Ferment" and it's by Roxy Paine. Ken just makes faces when he sees that someone is taking his picture. I think it looks like a perfectly good tree for screaming next to in full daylight. It probably looks like a mellower place around sunset.

Ursula von Rydingsvard's "Three Bowls."

Here is Ursula von Rydingsvard's "Detail of Three Bowls with Ninja."

Judith Shea's "Storage," with link.

Judith Shea's "Storage, with Diane."

Judith Shea, "Partial Storage with Ninja."

We saw many other sculptures, but those are the best photos. After the sculpture garden, we went inside.

This art is made entirely of sewn together wine bottle foils. As I understand, art often involves lots of drinking. Here's is proof.

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