Aug. 24th, 2016

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This post contains pictures from the internet of related sites. Links are included.

Thanks to a Google search prompted by [personal profile] jiawen, I've found out that Kansas City's Shuttlecocks are by the same artists who did Minneapolis' "Spoonbridge and Cherry." The artists are Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, the Spoonbridge and Cherry was completed in 1988, and then Kansas City wanted a vaguely sexually suggestive sculpture, too, so the Shuttlecocks were installed in 1992.

I say that the Spoonbridge and Cherry was completed in 1988, though it was first installed in 1985. Immediately after it was installed, people had sex on it. Then, a moat was dug around the bowl of the spoon in 1986. People climbed over the handle of the spoon and continued to use the spoon for illicit purposes. Finally, in 1988, the sculpture was completed to it's current state - the cherry was modified to be a fountain, and spurt cold (tap water temperature in Minneapolis) water onto the bowl of the spoon. After that, it was a perfectly non-sexual sculpture of a long shaft with a giant cherry on the end that spurts.

As far as I know, the Shuttlecocks never had to be modified in order to keep park goers from having sex on them, so they must have learned from the experience. I don't know if the theistic reference in the background helps or hinders that effort.

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There's nothing about Worldcon in these photos, other than that it was part of the trip. This is a post of pictures from the Kansas City sculpture garden. I was really impressed at the museum overall, and was a bit amazed that Kansas City had such a treasure.

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