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I still have more museum pictures, but for now let's get back to some pictures in and around the convention center. I have very few pictures of the actual convention, because convention pictures are often boring, or I'm too interested in what's going on to stop to take a picture.

There was a giant inflatable astronaut.

There could have been at least 50 actual astronauts inside that astronaut, and no one would have known.

Here's some trivia about Kansas City. Rome, Italy has more fountains than any other city. Kansas City, MO has more *working* fountains than any other city. Here is a picture of a fountain that is functioning as it was meant to.

In Kansas City, there is a Municipal Hall attached by skyway to the convention center. On the outside, there are some designs that show that the building was put up before 1939.

Thank you in advance for pedantics. Yes, they rotate left. They're windows. They would have rotated right when viewed from the inside, which is now covered.

This says "Commerce has made all winds her messengers, all climes her tributaries, all people her servents.  Yet from the land she draws her sustenance and her strength.

It can be interpreted two ways.  "Look at all we have accomplished and built!"  or "Capitalism sucks the life from everything, and is never sated."

Considering that the building went up ten years after the German Nazi Party had officially adopted the swastika as their logo, and considering that American anti-communists cheered the Nazi party for "saving" Germany from communism, and considering that this phrase seems to celebrate the glory of capitalism from the perspective of Capital, I'm going to just lie to myself and pretend it's a "Capitalism sucks" phrase because it's a happier thought.

That's probably what they meant. Nobody would have kept the building like that if they meant anything awful. I like ice cream.

After several months in my purse, and back in the convention center, Ninja needed a bath.

Now she's all clean and encased. Cleanliness is next to noisiness.

Gryff collected ribbons!

After more conventiony stuff on Saturday night, we went to the Hugos.

Saint Paul resident [personal profile] naomikritzer won a Hugo for "Best Short Story," for her work Cat Pictures Please.

Immediately after the awards, and all through the weekend spilling into the middle of the week, Minnesotans on Facebook went apeshit with Cat Pictures of celebration.

I hereby add my own cat pictures!

After the Hugos, there were parties. As skeptical as I was before seeing how it turned out, I liked the parties set up this year. The parties were in sectioned areas of the convention center, with big open access next to the common space tables, and there was air conditioning that could keep up with the crowded space, and there was air movement. No swimming through a sea of bodies in a narrow hallway to get to the next room, or just to get away from the crowd for a bit. "Away from the crowd" was a thirty second walk. The room parties were more friendly to people with accessibility needs, and they were just more friendly.

Parties had to pay a professional bartender for the hours they were serving drinks. It appeared the alcohol was convention provided, and any mix-ins were provided by the party. I'm curious to know the cost of the bartender, and how many hours that covered. If it was $400, sign me the fuck up permanently, I'll organize the fundraiser myself.

And then, back to the apartment for some rest.

Kansas City appears to be struggling with their identity. They're known for barbecue, but now that regional cuisine is becoming less of a "thing," they seem to be trying to re-brand themselves. The "City of Fountains" would probably work if they stuck with it. They have one of Rodin's Thinker sculptures in their sculpture garden, so that's scattered about here and there.

As an attempt to cast The Thinker as their mascot, here's a pinwheel version of Rodin's Thinker on a parking ramp.

Here it is at night

We passed this every night on our way back to the apartment. Right below the Pinwheel Thinker is a working fountain. How much more municipal pride can one parking ramp have?

One shuttlecock, that's how much.
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