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We got back from a weekend trip to Duluth today.

Because we're going to KC next month, we decided not to do the normal week long camping trip. We stayed at a hotel in the city of Duluth and got to see the beautiful lake, and see the city where Aaron lived for a few years while he was in college.

He has fond memories of the place, because people usually have fond memories of that era of their lives, but when he lived there it was economically depressed and he was broke. It was nice to see the mix of "nostalgia/not-nostalgia" that is "It's nice to see this place again, and it sucks so much less now."

Here is a picture of a bird that I took from about 20' away. I couldn't tell when I took the picture, but this bird has recently found a delicious bug.


Part of why Duluth is still not in as good economic shape as it probably should be is because Wisconsin is a terrible place, and the city of Superior, WI is a ten minute drive from downtown Duluth. There are good jobs in manufacturing and industries related to mining in Duluth, many of them are filled by people who don't pay taxes to support Minnesota's infrastructure that created those jobs. I see that a few of my photos have a "Fuck Wisconsin" theme, I only mean to explain in advance that I lack love for the state where a majority of the residents voted for Governor Scott Walker, and then those same people drive across a short bridge to work somewhere with a less shitty economic climate.
So, now that the caveat is out of the way... There are two canals to get into Superior Bay. One of those canals is a natural canal, one is man-made. The natural canal is between Minnesota and Wisconsin, the man-made canal is in Minnesota.


Earlier today, we visited the Great Lakes Aquarium and learned some history of the man-made canal.



I do not believe that a person who loved Wisconsin wrote "Superior residents howled in protest!" and I approve.

The best thing about the aquarium was in line with the trend I've seen at other science related attractions - Evolution exists. No "some scientists think...," no "scientists believe..." It's now just "Thing happened." The second best thing was "Fuck Wisconsin." So, pretty much the greatest tourist attraction ever.
More pictures tomorrow. Must sleep now.
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