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St. Croix State Park Pictures

Yesterday, while many Minneapolitians were busy pondering the nature of drunken zombies, [profile] vanaabegra, Ninja and I went to St. Croix State Park.  We walked about five miles.  It was very pretty and serene.

Here's a close-up of some mushrooms.

Ninja appreciated the chance to get out in the open air. It's awfully stuffy in my wallet.

We saw lots of mushrooms, none of which I could identify. What kind of mushrooms are those?

It was lightly raining and all the animals were hiding. We still saw evidence of them.

There are deciduous and coniferous trees. The parts with the coniferous trees allow for quieter walking.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

Fffff! Fffff! Fffff!

Here is where the St. Croix River meets the Kettle River and The Kettle River ceases to exist.

Further south, the St. Croix River meets the Mississippi and the St. Croix ceases to exist. The Missisippi meets the gulf, the gulf meets the ocean.




I don't walk enough.  I am happy with the mental restoration that happens as a result of walking after it's happened, but I never think I need it before the fact.

If a person was interested, here's where to find a report of peak fall colors in Minnesota.