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spiderplanet ([personal profile] spiderplanet) wrote2013-06-24 09:39 pm

Photos from last weekend's storm

WE HAVE INTERNET ACCESS AGAIN.  It might be out again tomorrow, though.  It's been spotty since the storm.

The big tree in our back yard suffered no damage at all - It only lost branches the next day when [profile] vanaabegra decided to trim it.

The ground is so very saturated with water that several trees in our neighborhood just flopped right over.  No horrible damage to anyone or any property, just lots and lots of chainsawing for the last several days.  Is it wrong if I take the firewood laying in someone else's front yard?  Would they have moved it to the back yard by now if they wanted it?  I don't want to steal anyone's perfectly good refuse, nor do I want all that valuable firewood to go to waste when our fire pit goes hungry most every night.

Oh, the angst of living in a suburb where the neighbors don't like to bother each other.

Some views of our street.

Three pictures of the same tree.

Yeah, go ahead and park there.  That should be fine now that the storm's over.

...And finally, [profile] davidkingsley and [profile] kditzy's tree, struck/split by lightning.

Thus endeth.